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What is Wormhole?

Wormhole is an on development game by Real Fantasy Games made with Unity 3d for PC platform.

It’s a turn-based strategy game where player chooses one among 6 different human factions to represent in a new discovered galaxy reached trough an artificial Wormhole found very close to the solar system.

Once the player made a choice he will become the main authority of that faction on the new galaxy, and then he will be able to administrate it through deep planet management, diplomacy, technology research, and confront the many challenges and dangers on this constantly changing galaxy. Also he will have to complete the objectives and quest given by the Faction leaders from solar system, to gain approval and get favours.

Factions will be warring each other while the player, through a deep diplomatic system, will turn the war situation by changing relationship with the other factions, vote galactic laws to benefit his own or prejudice enemies.

Battles are fought in real-time, top down, tactical combats.

Using the Tactical Manager System, player will be able to pause the battle and give orders to his ships and even activate powerful strategies and abilities from fleet Admiral and Commanders. Also, player will have the option to “pilot” one of these ships in combat adding action gameplay.

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Martín, Pablo

Lead Game Designer, 3D Artist, Programmer, lore, Marketing

Dias, Filipe

2D art, lore

Martín, Matías

Music & Sounds

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Castro, Alejandro

It's a mistery

We are a small indie company set on Argentina.